Who is The Song Nerd?

My name is Chris Holland. (@TheSongNerd). I’ve been involved with the music industry since 2001, predominantly as a radio announcer. I’ve tried my hand as a singer, bass player, mobile DJ, roadie, band manager, studio producer, festival volunteer and who knows what else before narrowing career focus to commercial radio in 2004. I now specialise in Music Directing and currently do so for Gold 104.3 in Melbourne, with occasional announcing. In 2015 I was even on the judging panel of the Eurovision Song Contest!

On this page I’ll be sharing many of my musical interests, including various podcast series, some stories, reviews and whatever comes to mind.

At present I’m focusing on Kids Love Balloons. In this podcast I ponder, with a range of guests, what makes us happy. It’s music for me, and that’s also a source of joy for so many of us, so in each episode we all add songs to the Ever-growing Playlist of Joy which is found on Spotify. It’s also linked on every podcast page as the series expands. Check out the list on the right side bar ———–>>>

2016 has also seen me return to DJing. If you have a function or event you need music for, requiring either a DJ or just a curated playlist, please contact me. My knowledge of music from all eras and genres is immense – I am The Song Nerd, after all.

I’m on all social media under this username, so connect away! Follow, like, subscribe etc.

You can also submit your creative interests here. Guests are able to upload their own articles, no matter which area of music they’re relative to.
So in fact, we are all Song Nerds. I’d love you to join me in encouraging the creativity in each of us.

ACRAContestant on RocKwiz episode #100


  1. Bill Wilson

    DUTCHY, you are a bloody legend mate, Hope all is going well for you and keep up the great work!!! Im sure you are impacting the south like you did up north. I still wonder into your old office and raise a smile to all those fun memories you left behind, like spontaneous cricket in the corridor with the mayor of Cairns, legend!

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