Throwback Thursday: Linkin Park – Papercut

This week marks 15 years since Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory was released.

I already feel a tad lame writing about Linkin Park. Instantly, I feel immature. I feel as if my Linkin Park phase lasted for more or less a year, and then I grew up and drifted apart from them. I can’t even totally explain that. But when I first heard them I lost my mind thinking that it was the future of music and they’d nailed the secret formula.

Ahhhh nu metal, hey?

I was 17 and on my way to summer school, yep, 4 weeks of a short Music Business TAFE course at NMIT Collingwood. Our classroom shared a fence with the Tote hotel. This was incredibly awesome. Anyway, that’s for another time.

I was walking off the train to the platform at Victoria Park train station, Js in the headphones, when Papercut comes on. Bugger me.
I’d heard One Step Closer, which was cool, but there’s ‘like’ and then ‘omgfffjjksljfdmgaoi’.

Riffs, turntable scratching, rap, singing, angst, energy. What’s for a frustrated teen not to love?!

So I burnt a CD which featured all of this album plus all of Papa Roach’s Infest. It was bumper!

A few months went by and whaddya know, they line up a gig at Festival Hall with Sunk Loto. SUNK FREAKIN’ LOTO. What a double bill. It was set up as a triple header, with 1200 Techniques playing first. It was a solid idea in theory, mixing the rock and hip hop aspects of Linkin Park, but the crowd was there for anger. We dug 1200 Techniques on the night, but kind of just stood there. Shame, they were bloody superstars and don’t receive enough credit for their pioneering work in the Aussie hip hop scene which is now enormous!

I have not been in a mosh pit better than the one that night. Prior, I’d been to Big Day Outs, back in the day before crowd barriers, and it’s just an ocean of people waving around, half of them not wanting to dance and just falling over. Other metal gigs have been more brutal, but this just seemed to purely consist of fans who knew what they were doing.

Darkness. Sunken Eyes kicks in. Cue blinder lights and we all jumped in unison. Packed, shoulder to shoulder, each one of us on the same rhythm. Thousands of us all, completely together. It was exactly how it should’ve been. The night kicked on this way, voices lost along with 16 tonnes of sweat.

The first and only time I have been swayed by the rascals peddling counterfeit t-shirts on the way out, I grabbed a $10 LP t-shirt which is still bloody comfy, still in tact and great to sleep in. Photos below!

I’m pretty sure I attended that gig with Andrew, Lindsay, Sarah and Wendy? Could be totally wrong? Probably missed out on someone? Gary or Scott? There was a group of us who were in a band together back then, playing mostly Metallica covers and whatever else we felt like. I am so so so so happy I could be a part of a garage band like that at that age. What a thrill. I look back on those days fondly. There are also more stories in here for another day.

Actually, later that year as part of my Music Industry Certificate III, this band recorded a cover of Papa Roach’s Last Resort. It exists on CD somewhere, but I LOVE that the .mp3 is not online!!!  

Linkin Park shirt

Linkin park shirt back

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