Kids Love Balloons – Episode 8: Nick Wray

Nick Wray - Kids Love Balloons

Nick Wray. The chubby, burger-flipping school kid from Dubbo who became a Cleo Bachelor and Buzzfeed worker. The man, the myth, the legend! We discuss growing up and developing a career whilst still allowing yourself to have fun, making time for your hobbies and not disposing the things which made you happy as a kid.

We also discuss the benefits of using “Hoobastank” as a curse word and have our first artist double-up in the Ever-growing Playlist of Joy.

VOTE for him in the Cleo Bachelor competition here

NB: We make reference to “Dancing Man – The Documentary”, featuring Sean O’Brien, who appeared in Kids Love Balloons Episode 5. It’s below for you to watch. Blink and you’ll miss Nick Wray’s appearance.

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