Kids Love Balloons – Episode 7: Danny McGinlay

Danny McGinlay, Kids Love Balloons

I’m surprised at how much I find in common with Danny McGinlay. The son of a Scotsman who married a Ukrainian and ended up writing the banners full time for an Australian Rules football side. A stand up comedian by trade, Danny opens up on many of his passions in this chat, including “ruining podcasts”, all things sport, cooking and general misbehaviour. This includes forcing listeners to imagine Tony Abbott romantically kissing, a love of South Park and daring to discuss the Western Bulldogs’ 1997 preliminary final loss. Cue sad face.

A compulsory component of this podcast is for the guest to share three songs which make them happy. Danny tells me he doesn’t listen to music for happiness. Whaaaattt??? Prefaced with this, he made three outstanding additions to the Ever-growing Playlist of Joy. Is he right?

NB: This was recorded prior to the Mets’ comprehensive Major League Baseball victory over the Cubs.

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