Kids Love Balloons – Episode 5: “Dancing Man” Sean O’Brien

Dancing Man Sean O'Brien

Sean O’Brien’s story is one of the most remarkable & uplifting of 2015. Bullied online after being photographed dancing, a group of women with kinder hearts set about standing up for Sean. Through a movement of online support, he was found. Strangers, companies and global celebrities all rallied behind Sean’s right to dance and feel comfortable in his own skin; and he’s become somewhat of a poster boy for happiness and anti-bullying. He’s since began counting Dita von Teese, Monica Lewinsky and Pharrell Williams as supporters and friends. The Dance Free Movement is now growing and he’d (we’d) love to encourage you to #DanceFree. This chat was beautiful to record. Sean has added three of his favourite songs to the Evergrowing Playlist of Joy.

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