Kids Love Balloons – Episode 43: Tania Doko

Provider of the greatest “Hey Mum!” in Australian history, Tania Doko is a songwriting powerhouse. In songwriting partnership with James Roche, Bachelor Girl had 3 top 50 singles, 5 ARIA nominations and a Songwriter of the Year award over 1998 and 1999. This freaks me out but we’re approaching the twentieth anniversary of this period. Crazy.

So after years of writing songs based in Stockholm, I’ve managed to catch Tania during a three week Melbourne trip, where she’s creating a new Bachelor Girl album with James to mark this occasion. We discuss the move overseas, the challenges involved with creating with such strict time pressures, the joy of performing, differences between Sweden and Australia, how success affected her social life and attitudes… all through the prism of “what make you happy?” and the Kids Love Balloons vibe.

We could’ve gone on for hours and hours – Tania was fascinating to speak with and got right in the zone. For more of an understanding of what she’s been up to since the Bachelor Girl days, check out her site here.

The music that makes her happy is soulful, uplifting and fun – you can see her 3 additions right at the top of the updated Ever-growing Playlist of Joy.

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