Kids Love Balloons – Episode 39: Alan Brough

Alan Brough has demonstrated his vast music knowledge & passion for years, most famously as team captain in Spicks & Specks. Name me someone more qualified to select three songs for our Ever-growing Playlist of Joy! I’ll wait…

More recently, Alan has turned his hand to writing books for children aged roughly 10-12. Charlie & the War Against the Grannies was released last year; the next in the series, Charlie & the Karaoke Cockroaches is released on June 27th. I’m fascinated with the advice he received while learning to write this style: to find your inner 12 year old. The ability to channel your younger self is something I hold in high regard and is potentially the key to creating a smile, a song, or in Alan’s case, a series of novels!

Alan still listens to new music on a very regular basis and you may be surprised with the songs and artists he mentions. He certainly is a Song Nerd and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time discussing various music, the smell of old record stores and how to earn respect of the staff, the benefits of persistence when listening to music you may not like, the attitude of punk… we cover plenty.

It was also great to get an insight in to what it was like to work on Spicks & Specks, and surprising to hear that at times he and ABC staff didn’t think he was qualified to perform the role he did so successfully.

Join us as we ramble through any manner of things that make he and I happy. I’d love to know which nuggets of info or inspiration you enjoy or learn.

Have an awesome day.

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