Kids Love Balloons – Episode 38: Eurovision 2017 Round Table

The world’s greatest song contest is fast approaching. Here-assembled is a group of 6 Melbourne-based super experts for your comprehensive preview!

Ti Butler, Danie Tregonning, Mark Perkins, Jason-Scott Watkins and 2011 contestant Nina share a range of perspectives on the contest. How it makes them happy, their favourite memories, and most urgently: their predictions for the 2017 finals which take place in the second week of May!

The politics, the gimmicks, the key changes, the voting, the costumes (and sometimes lack thereof), the varied languages, the questionable taste – if there’s something we haven’t touched on, please share your comments! The Eurovision Song Contest is a gargantuan beast with so many aspects and in this podcast, 6 fans celebrate them all. We have inside perspective of course from Nina who has actually participated, successfully qualifying for the final. Her insights are incredible. Keep up to date with her music here and here.

Each of the five guests nominate their most anticipated moments from this year’s contest and also provide their top 10 favourite entries. Who will our jury choose as their favourite to win?

This year’s songs contain yodelling, saxophone solos, a person dancing in a gorilla suit……………… BRACE YOURSELF!

Who do you think will win Eurovision 2017?

Please share your feedback below or @TheSongNerd anywhere. Enjoy!

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