Kids Love Balloons – Episode 37: Loyiso Gola

“If your quest of life is happiness, then you’re going to be a really sad human being.”
The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is truly one of the world’s greatest. Twice Emmy-nominated Loyiso Gola is one of the first class calibre of talents who have travelled here this year, performing his show Dude, Where’s My Lion?

His International Emmy noms stem from the South African show Late Nite News, a satirical take on politics in the ilk of The Daily Show or The Weekly with Charlie Pickering (where Loyiso has been a regular correspondent).

I love this episode for many reasons. Firstly – his immediate answer to “what makes you happy?” is deliberate and profound. Each guest has different answers to this question and different interpretations of what the question actually is. None of these are wrong. But Loyiso’s vibe makes plenty of sense.

Secondly – he flat out refused to play along with the second rule of my podcast and makes no apologies. I don’t even mind!

It’s amazing to speak with a man of Loyiso’s perspective. At just 33 years of age, this dude is seriously wise.

“The sooner you realise that material things are not gonna make you happy…the closer you are to understanding the theory that I’m trying to present.”

This podcast isn’t stand-up comedy, but trust me when I recommend his MICF show to you! Take a look while he’s still in town. I would really value your feedback on this episode. Please leave a comment below, a review on your podcast platform, or hit me up on social media @TheSongNerd.

Enjoy your life, don’t be a c…..retin.

We spoke for a while about football and the English Premier League – I wonder how long it will take for Arsene Wenger to leave Arsenal after hearing this!

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