Kids Love Balloons – Episode 35: Tegan Higginbotham

At the footy! AFLW Round 5 Carlton vs Western Bulldogs @ Ikon Park

Podcasting at the footy! You’ll hear the ambience of pre-match entertainment at Ikon Park as Tegan & I prepare for our teams to do battle in AFL Women’s Round 5. You’ll also hear Tegan and I chat about what makes us happy, the multitude of creative endeavours she’s involved with, and the gob-smacking way sexual references in musicals such as Grease and the Rocky Horror Picture Show go straight over kids’ heads. Oh how naïve we were.

She’s certainly a talented lady. In the first minute I rattle off a heap of examples, but additionally, she can take a bonafide speccy.

Tegan is currently preparing to perform at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival with her group Watson – with a show titled Go To Hell! Possibly sounding more horrific than comedic – listen in as she explains the premise behind it and how it’s one of the must-see shows this year. Watson won Best Comedy award at the 2015 Melbourne Fringe Festival, so you’re in safe hands.

With 3 great songs added to the Ever-growing Playlist of Joy, get crazy, learn some French and have some fun.

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