Kids Love Balloons – Episode 34: Brooke Satchwell

The Play That Goes Wrong opens at Melbourne’s Comedy Theatre February 22nd. Star Brooke Satchwell feels like she’s doing good civic duty in being a part of something that creates so much laughter, happiness and real escape for the thousands of people who will see it across Australia this year. I crashed afternoon rehearsals and scored a quick but bloody awesome chat that I hope you’ll really love.

Brooke nails exactly why I make this podcast and I feel like the energy in this play could make anyone feel the real unadulterated happiness we need in our lives.

“Just pure relentless silliness and joy…God knows we all need that at the moment, we forget that we’re allowed to have it, we forget that everything that tenses up every muscle in our body and constricts our thinking and our clarity and our ability to reason and move forward, can actually be medicated by laughter.”

“We get so stuck in our heads, and that’s all well and good, but we live in our bodies, and anything that can bring you back in to that present moment and have you grounded and there and present – that’s where the freedom comes from. That’s where happiness lives.”

Brooke felt goosebumps in this chat, just thinking about a song that makes her happy. Is there a song that does that to you?
ALSO – your homework – what’s “that” which Meatloaf will not do?
Let me know @TheSongNerd on Facebook, Twitter or wherever you darn well want!

We also talk about poo, headbutting practice and getting hit in the nuts – this is a 15 minute blast of fun and one of my favourite episodes.

Check out The Play That Goes Wrong!

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