Kids Love Balloons – Episode 31: Santa Claus

Santa Claus - Kids Love Balloons podcast

What an honour to have some time to sit down and chat one on one with Santa Claus!

Who better is qualified to discuss enthusiastic joy, the happiness of kids, taking time to smile and feel positive?

I don’t need to write much here. You know who Santa Claus is. Listen to the chat, get a few answers to some of your questions and be a little inspired by the magic shared through the community at this time of year.

Importantly: Which songs will Santa add to the Ever-growing Playlist of Joy?!

I’d love to know which songs make you happy at this time of year. Please comment below or @TheSongNerd on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Merry Christmas!!!

If you happen to feel any sort of Christmas joy, pause on it, bottle that feeling somehow and call upon it whenever you need it during the rest of the year.

A huge thank you to Colin and the team at for organising this podcast with me.

As a bonus for scrolling down this far: Here are three Christmas songs that I really love.

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