Kids Love Balloons – Episode 30: Sibylla Stephen

Sibylla Stephen

Catching up with a friend you haven’t seen in 13 years. That makes me happy.
What originally made me happy was stumbling across a band I liked, then realising I used to know the singer. Then determining she’d be the perfect guest for the podcast and it would be a great excuse to catch up!

Sibylla Stephen has achieved so much since we last knew each other and it was a delight to discuss it and muse over what she’s learned. You’ll find out more about the two bands she runs with her sister Beth in this chat. One of those bands is targeted at kids (and their parents) – the songs are useful and entertaining as anything!

As a mother herself, Byll shares what she loves and also doesn’t love about raising children; really refreshingly. She’s identified her skills and also at peace with her weaknesses. She’s certainly not the first guest to admit that wine makes her happy! We discuss the pros and cons of self-doubt, how music affects your emotions, and this particular nugget which I really love: “life’s little secret: no-one ever feels old”.

I certainly hope that if you do feel old for a moment, find joy in something that brings that youth back!

Above all it was just really lovely to chat with Byll for the first time in 13 years and have it feel like we’d been friends in regular contact that whole time. I think that comes across while listening. This day was awesome.

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