Kids Love Balloons – Episode 29: Joan Kornblith

The broadcaster with many names!
The broadcaster with many names!

4 days following the US election, I have a chat with an American who works for their Government!
“It’s an odd country in many ways, and there’s people that take great offence at certain things, yet those same people don’t take offence at other things so go figure!”

Politics will not be the main focus of the chat… do you know anyone who thinks politics really makes them ultimately HAPPY? 🙂

Joan’s trip to Australia this week left her with a lasting, inspirational memory before she even disembarked the aeroplane at Tullamarine. She sheds tears just thinking about it – utterly joyful!

Her radio career kicked off in the 70s and has some amazing stories of artists she’s interviewed, scandals she’s reported, audiences she’s helped. Over that career, she’s used many different ‘radio names’ or aliases. Joan / Casey / Catherine / JJ et al shares the stories of many of those throughout this chat! Much like David Bowie, Joan says “you make up a character, it’s not you. That person can do anything.” Totally liberating! Performing as a character was a useful method of overcoming shyness, which is a useful tip for anyone.

“I’m sorry this is such a long story…” haha it was great to be able to meet someone for the first time and have such a flowing conversation – believe me, this podcast could be much longer if I allowed it!

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Many thanks to James Cridland who initially put is in touch.

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