Kids Love Balloons – Episode 25: Lea Waters

Lea Waters - Kids Love Balloons

Getting more analytical in this episode, chatting with a woman who dedicates each day to understanding happiness and the effects it has on each of us. Professor Lea Waters has spent over 20 years working at Melbourne University, in recent years focusing on Positive Psychology – instrumental in establishing the Centre for Positive Psychology. So what has she learned and what is she working on that can be shared with us on Kids Love Balloons?

Listen in and discover the personal struggles that Lea has battled and continues to battle. It’s not all skittles and rainbows but I really hope it can help you smile today!

“I don’t even think I’m a very courageous person to be honest but I just drew on my courage. And all the times I got knocked back…all of those struggles along the way, they definitely knocked me down but I just got back up again and said ‘OK well this just has to happen and so I just have to be brave'”. This is a quote that we can all identify with and hopefully all channel when the time is right in our lives.

In 2015, Lea was listed as one of 100 Women of Influence in Australia – an honour that she attributes as a tick for Positive Psychology and scientific inquiry in to how it is that we increase happiness and well-being in people. It’s interesting to hear in this chat, how much negativity was thrown her way as she set about this path!

“…having the understanding that we can make the most of our suffering, we can grow and learn from it, but ultimately we’re here to kind of transcend that.” Lea’s website is here.

I’d love to hear your feedback on this one. Feel free to share!

The Ever-growing Playlist of Joy just became three songs happier.

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