Kids Love Balloons – Episode 24: Nina

Nina and The Song Nerd

With each passing year it seems Australia’s connection with the Eurovision Song Contest grows and grows. Mine too. Yesterday I met and had a lovely chat with a former finalist in the contest and couldn’t be happier.

Danica Radojicic, better known as Nina, represented Serbia in 2011 with the ultra-joyous song Čaroban (which translates to Magical). Amongst my friends, that’s one of our all-time favourite Eurovision songs! Add to this story that Nina moved from Belgrade to Melbourne with her partner, where they are completing their own PhDs. That’s an epic adventure in itself. Moving is tough, especially internationally, and she’s juggling her life’s passions including her music, studies and distance from her family back home in Serbia.

Nina’s courage, work-ethic and positive attitude are totally inspiring! As she sets out to achieve her many dreams, I wish her all the very best.

Check out the Ever-growing Playlist of Joy which now contains another three happiness-delivering songs!

(Two episodes in a row feature Eurovision chatter. While I would usually keep a diverse range of topics show to show, this is the way the cards have landed and I make no apologies! I hope you enjoy it.)

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Here are the videos for new single Colours of my Love and the 2011 Eurovision entry, Čaroban!

Feel free to share the song, share the episode, share your thoughts! Cheers.

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