Kids Love Balloons – Episode 23: Jason-Scott Watkins

Food blogger and Eurovision fanatic!
Food blogger and Eurovision fanatic!

If my memory is on point, Jason-Scott Watkins and I first connected while live-tweeting some Eurovision action. That makes me happy. The Eurovision Song Contest, the live-tweeting, and thinking about the kindred spirits I’ve met online who have as much fun with it as I do.

Jason’s food blog Don’t Boil the Sauce has been running for many years, featuring all sorts of creative dishes from around the world. At times he’s even combined his cooking with the Eurovision theme, hosting competitions and votes to see which comes out on top! It’s fun and educational! We discuss more about that in the podcast.

Other nuggets of wisdom we discover:
“If it doesn’t hurt anyone, do it until someone says stop.”
“I think we get in our own way of happiness… so just get out of the way and let it happen”
“You can be an arsehole to me, but you know what? I’m gonna fight you with the power of dance”

And he lays the smack down to our previous guests, naming Julia Zemiro in particular. This could mean war.

Check out the Ever-growing Playlist of Joy which now contains another three happiness-delivering songs!

The best bonus of inviting a food blogger to your house: he brought food!

Blood-orange almond biscuits. Thanks, Mr. Sauce!
Blood-orange almond biscuits. Thanks, Mr. Sauce!

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