Kids Love Balloons – Episode 22: Jo Stanley

Gold 104.3 breakfast host Jo Stanley - Kids Love Balloons episode 22.
Gold 104.3 breakfast host Jo Stanley – Kids Love Balloons #22.

I apologise within 90 seconds of this episode and by the conclusion, I receive a heated “f*** you!” (my first and hopefully not last in this podcast series).

This in no way fairly demonstrates what a lovely, honest, meaningful discussion I had with Melbourne radio personality and dead set legend, Jo Stanley.

From the time I ask “what makes you happy?” and she answers “not thinking about what makes me happy”, I know we’re on a winner. It’s thinking that causes much of the anxiety we face day to day, and learning how to react to our own thoughts is one of the keys to leading a, if not necessarily happy, peacefullife. We get down to the very nature of why I started this podcast in relation to her seven year old daughter, Willow, and how free children are from the judgement, criticism and second-guessing that grows as we “mature” in to adults.

This chat with Jo is ultimately heartfelt and true. She says to me “When I speak like that, I wonder whether I sound like a crazy person…did it make sense?” It’s totally healthy to speak like this and I feel more people would benefit from asking the questions we dissect here at my humble kitchen table.

She champions some incredible apps to help with meditation and mindfulness, Smiling Mind and Headspace which are definitely worth checking out.

And there’s laughter aplenty. There’s multiple mentions of cake and wine. I get sworn at. It’s fun. Please enjoy.
Whether you think we’re nuts or great or perhaps both, please comment here or on all the socials! I’d love to know how you reacted.

Catch up with Jo’s radio work here and her other projects here.

What makes you happy?

Thank you for finding this site and thank you for listening!!

Here’s Radiohead’s video to Just which I so passionately describe in this chat! Impeccable.

Remember: wait until the DJ drops it.

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