Kids Love Balloons – Episode 21: Osamah Sami

Osamah Sami - guest on Kids Love Balloons spisode 21
Osamah Sami – guest on Kids Love Balloons episode 21

I will not tire of listening to this episode.

On June 19th this year, my wife and I made our way to Federation Square to see some live music from acts we love – Felix Riebl and The Smith Street Band. Earlier, Tripod and Waleed Aly’s Robot Child had performed. It was an event to launch Refugee Week and the MC was Osamah Sami.

After hearing him speak for just a few minutes on stage, I knew I would invite him to the podcast. Not only for his wit and humour, but his unique story which has seen much suffering but also fantastic success. A Middle Eastern refugee who moves to Australia as a teenager knowing no English couldn’t possibly win literary & acting awards twenty years later?? What amazing things to do in your third language! If you put your heart & soul in to anything, the goal is possible. He knows the English language better than those who’ve used it their entire lives.

Listening to this you’ll hear remarkable poetry, a few whole-hearted f bombs, real laughter, stories of war, families divided and reunited, sporting triumph, singing… think about what living in your country means to you and wonder what it would be like if you happened to be born elsewhere. How would life be different? How would your perspectives shift?

This chat has the full spectrum. The episode is the longest so far in this series and I hope you can get through the whole thing – even if you hit pause and come back!

I didn’t anticipate adding any national anthem to the Ever-growing Playlist of Joy, but I think it’s pretty cool to have one there now, especially after hearing some of Osamah’s story. To learn more, grab his prized book.

Also keep an eye out for Ali’s Wedding and Two Refugees and a Blonde

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