Kids Love Balloons – Episode 20: Peter Hitchener

Peter Hitchener with The Song Nerd on the set of 9 News
Peter Hitchener with The Song Nerd on the set of 9 News

I can’t think of a man with a more positive reputation than Peter Hitchener. Delivering the nightly news to Melbourne since 1998, and as understudy for a further 20+ years prior, he has been welcomed in to family homes as a regular face and trusted friend across multiple generations.

Pete’s reputation is not just for delivering reliable news. It’s based on his character. Affable, joyous, friendly, honest, GENUINE. Through the TV, he just seems like a person you’d love to have a cuppa with. Everyone I’ve spoken with who has met him has backed this up.

I can guarantee that in person, this is true even more-so. We had a great afternoon at 9’s new Melbourne studios and it was fantastic to get to know the man I’ve been familiar with for decades, first via the screen in my parents’ living room.

You’ll tell from this chat that he is really genuinely positive. No matter what Rob Gell, Livinia Nixon or any other weather presenter forecasts that night, I get the feeling Pete will always see the outlook as sunny! His passion for the things he loves is infectious.

“It’s a hoot!” As we add songs to the Ever-growing Playlist of Joy, Pete scrolls through his phone to find the answers and even cheekily plays a short sample. Studio assistant Rhys even makes a surprise appearance in the final minutes.

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