Kids Love Balloons – Episode 19: Georgie Sworder

Georgie Sworder of Shambush
Georgie Sworder of Shambush!

They say one idea could change the world. Georgie and her friends at Shambush! followed through on one that has been picked up and developed by thousands of people in countries all over the globe. Red dresses, wigs, flowers in hair and references to 19th century literature.

In 2013, “The Ultimate Kate Bush Experience” was born where hundreds of people in England dressed up like Kate Bush to communally re-enact her dance moves in the Wuthering Heights music video.

As you’ll learn in this chat, this idea has been picked up by folk in cities worldwide and July 16, 2016 will be known as The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever. I encourage you to attend your local! I’ll be at the Melbourne event in full gear.

It’s as insane as it sounds, but overwhelmingly joyful. In this podcast, hopefully you’re as inspired as I am by Georgie’s passion, creativity, open mind and love of dancing. Is a person ever unhappy when they dance? Try some today! Doctor’s orders.

Witnessing an idea you’ve created make so many others happy must be an amazing feeling. There will be thousands of people smiling on July 16 thanks to Georgie and her friends.

The Ever-growing Playlist of Joy now has three more quirky incredibly fun songs to lose your mind to. #WWHBD?

Kate Bushes in Melbourne

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