Kids Love Balloons – Episode 18: Leila Gurruwiwi

Leila Gurruwiwi - Kids Love Balloons

The courageous, generous and wonderful Leila Gurruwiwi certainly seems to be using her talents to be the best person she could possibly be.

NITV’s Marngrook Footy Show has inspired thousands of Australians since its inception over 250 episodes ago, both indigenous and non-indigenous. She’s now mentoring young girls through the Wirrpanda Foundation, acted last year in the Logie winning The Secret River and isn’t stopping there! Leila is understanding that hers is a powerful voice that can be a shining example to generations of Australians.

Another guest who opened up on her many setbacks and challenges she has bravely overcome, Leila’s positive spirit ensures she and many others learn from these with optimism and pride.

“Lots of doors and lots of opportunities open for people and sometimes you need to step through that door. Fear is normal, everyone fears something and everyone fears change in some way, shape or form. Taking that step in to that unknown and all of a sudden you’ve got more opportunities that come out of that one step. The fact that I said yes to Marngrook at 19 years old has allowed me to do so many things up to now. Just because of that one moment in time. I could’ve said no and my life would be completely different to what it is now.”

Learn more about Deadly Sista Girlz and Marngrook here.

Not only do we support the same football team and graduated from the same high school, but also sang in the same children’s choir. My mum would suggest that’s a pretty decent grounding! I couldn’t resist including a brief chat about the mighty Western Bulldogs a kind of epilogue – we were both delighted to hear some pretty great club news this week. #BeMoreBulldog.

I love variety in music and I love that Leila chose three songs from different eras and genres to the Ever-growing Playlist of Joy. Dance!

“You can’t win it if you’re not in it”.

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