Kids Love Balloons – Episode 17: Peter Combe

Peter Combe Corner Hotel 27 May 2016
Peter Combe Corner Hotel 27 May 2016

Some of the first music I ever loved in my life was that of Peter Combe. My parents purchased Toffee Apple on vinyl before I was in school. I still love many songs on that record today. In the last three days I’ve both seen Peter live in concert and now spoken with him, face to face, on the virtues of happiness.

It’s a brief chat, but it’s insightful. Peter’s most well known songs are targeted towards children. Over time these children grow up, and I was one of many who was able to have a couple of beers whilst dancing and singing away with songs such as Spaghetti Bolognese and Newspaper Mama.

I was fascinated to hear his thoughts on happiness and how that of kids differs to that of adults. We talk songwriting, war and a whole lot more. Join us!

Recorded in the foyer of the bustling Hawthorn Town Hall, I hope you perceive the cafe background ambience as pleasant! I noticed that for the second time in three episodes I’ve mentioned Andrew Bolt…….I can’t promise that it won’t happen again but it has been noted!!!

The folk singers of the sixties such as Peter Paul & Mary, Simon & Garfunkel form the core of Peter’s musical influences and you’ll catch their works in the updated Ever-growing Playlist of Joy, which you can follow on Spotify.

If you download the apps, you can subscribe through iTunes and also follow the podcast at Whooshkaa, where you’ll be kept in touch with new episodes as they’re published. If you love it, share it! Thanks for your support. I hope you can do something today that makes you happy.

Here’s me loving the hell out of Friday night’s show. Thanks Matt for coming along, enjoying the night with me and taking this photo!
The Song Nerd at Peter Combe

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