Kids Love Balloons – Episode 16: John Deeks

You've heard his voice for decades, now let's find out what makes John Deeks happy!
You’ve heard his voice for decades, now let’s find out what makes John Deeks happy!

This is John Deeks speaking. With me. About what makes him happy!

You’ve heard his voice, mostly through your TV, for nearly 40 years. Involved with countless game shows notably Wheel of Fortune to on camera roles hosting Tattslotto or Family Feud, voicing hundreds of commercials and often the program classifications prior to your favourite shows. He’s everywhere.

With 65 years of wisdom to draw from, John’s learnt how to avoid what makes him unhappy, and we discuss that in detail here. John details the moment he was ready to quit his job before bouncing back up even higher. He’s battled dyslexia, depression and a cancer scare, continuing to maintain an incredibly successful career. Hopefully there’s some inspiration in here for you to keep fighting and working through your problems, whatever they may be.

This episode bounces around a bit with structure, but who says rules can’t be broken?

Podcast? We’ve done it again!

The Ever-growing Playlist of Joy now has three further additions:

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