Kids Love Balloons – Episode 15: Lindsay “The Doctor” McDougall

Kids Love Balloons - episode 15
Kids Love Balloons – episode 15

My latest guest is Frenzal Rhomb shredder, former Triple J radio broadcaster and self-confessed alcoholic vegan: Lindsay “The Doctor” McDougall!

After famously “f***ing off” from his radio gig at the end of 2014, what makes this guy happy now? Playing music is still one of them, but the pressure of full time work is no longer a stress! We discuss much, including a few of the great people he spends time with that fill his life with joy. He’s passionate about good food and red wine (I mean, who isn’t? But do you marinate tofu??) There are some great anecdotes from the Frenzal days, too.

We muse over how important it is to remember that everyone has different life experiences, everyone has different points of view, and basically at the end of the day it’s important to treat everyone with respect, regardless of whether or not you agree with their ideology. One example of this is a speech he once gave titled:
“Really nice meat eaters VS arsehole vegetarians: understanding the former to avoid becoming the latter”.

He does call me a “North Queensland prick”, but I’m not sure I’ll ever live up there again. I miss that place but “Inner-city prick” works fine for me just at the moment. If you’re offended by the word prick, don’t listen to the second half 🙂

Lindsay spent the week of 18th April living off less than $2 a day, for a project called Live Below the Line. An amazing effort for a great cause, which you can read more about and donate to here.

The Ever-growing Playlist of Joy lives here!

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