Kids Love Balloons – Episode 14: Faustina Agolley

The happiest photo ever! Faustina talks happiness with The Song Nerd
The happiest photo ever! Faustina talks happiness with The Song Nerd

Faustina Agolley’s Twitter bio describes her as Magnet of Awesome. I love that so much! It must work, at least on some level, exhibit A being that Oprah Winfrey chose her to DJ prior to her “An Evening With Oprah” tour shows. She is positive, creative, confident and comfortable being herself; all traits you know Oprah would certainly be attracted by!

My first memories of “Fuzzy” are of watching her host Video Hits. You may have also seen her on Cybershack, Channel [V], The Voice and so much more… She now splits her time between Australia, Los Angeles and London, basically living the dream!

This joyful and meaningful chat covers a range of topics from underwater sea creatures and a blue guitar named Bruce, to the power of meditation and the challenges of sexuality. It’s been just over a year since Faustina came out as a gay woman and her reflections on this are wonderful. In conclusion, we attempt to answer the age-old question, “Can you have your cake and eat it, too?” and I’m still unsure if we solved it!

My favourite line from this is “You’ve just got to remember the stuff that made your heart full when you were a kid”. Amen!

Follow her Blog of Enthusiasm social media accounts @faustinathefuzz and share the “disco jellyfish rainbow love”.

The Ever-growing Playlist of Joy lives here!

There are a few moments of audio disruption in this chat, but please bear through a few odd seconds of it because it’ll bring itself back to high quality, and the insights are worth it! I hope you can get something out of this whole episode.

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