Kids Love Balloons – Episode 13: Julia Zemiro

Kids Love Balloons - The Song Nerd, Chris Holland, with Julia Zemiro
Kids Love Balloons – The Song Nerd, Chris Holland, with Julia Zemiro

Julia Zemiro has been amongst the top entertainers in Australia for over a decade. After an introduction via stage theatre, TV sketches, radio work and all sorts of performing, she is more likely best known as the host of music trivia TV show RocKwiz, or SBS’ coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest. More recently she has shared the story of many other famous Australians and their childhoods, via the ABC series Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery. So it’s absolutely awesome for me to actually be asking her the questions.

We pack so much in to this amazing chat. Dancing alone, record stores which no longer exist, Scandinavian tax. Does Julia still want this career in 5 years’ time? Did her parents encourage her to study acting? How did she score the gig as RocKwiz host? Who’s looking good for 2016 Eurovision? And always the first question in the Kids Love Balloons podcast… What makes her happy?

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Check out the classics Julia has added to the Ever-growing Playlist of Joy, alongside the other selections from previous guests!

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