Kids Love Balloons – Episode 12: Rowan Kennan

The Song Nerd podcast episode 12
The Song Nerd podcast episode 12

Rowan’s an awesome mate. I don’t know many people with whom I can truly honestly discuss emotions, hopes, dreams, doubts & ambitions to the extent we can. Like many of us, Rowan’s searching for the best way to use his natural gifts, to achieve professional & creative “success”, to make the most of his time here.

When we met in 2002 his main focus was his rap career. He now has a family, a mortgage and an MBA, and around that is working on Irrelavision, a blog which is definitely worth following. Art, inspiration, ideas and potentially so much more over time. The man has visions and it’s great that he’s putting them in to action!

We caught up for a beer in Richmond this week and had a pretty cool chat about the quest for joy, fulfilment and some amazing music.


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