Kids Love Balloons – Episode 11: Luke “Sparrow” Gillian

Luke Gillian podcast

Luke is a man who is not afraid to forge his own path. Travel roads that others either haven’t before, or are too scared to. From discussing his passions which have developed in to small businesses: touring the world for cricket and producing floral shirts, we also speak of witnessing bombings and travelling solo through recently-ceased war zones. Luke’s seen and experienced so much more than a heap of us because he hasn’t let doubt hold him back.

Yes, his passion for Test cricket is off the scale, but he’s used that to create a medium for amazing holidays for travellers. I met Luke in 2012 watching cricket in the Caribbean and through his group, Waving the Flag, was able to meet a large group of like-minded touring Australians who all got to experience new countries together. We all wore his over-the-top bright floral shirts which made us and the people around us smile. Next time you see Australia play internationally on TV, it won’t take long to spot Luke’s group in the crowd. Give ’em a wave.

Of course songs 31, 32 and 33 in the below playlist have been specifically chosen by our well-travelled guest!

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