Kids Love Balloons – Episode 10: Andrew Griffiths

Andrew Griffiths podcast

Earlier this year I was filling in as breakfast co-host on 99.5 Sea FM. The show had organised an interview with local author & presenter Andrew Griffiths, spruiking the upcoming TEDx event at James Cook University. His topic: Imagine if we were 33 percent less angry. Immediately after that chat, I followed up to get him on my podcast once it was up and going.

Here we are and Andrew shares his thoughts on what makes him happy. The yin and yang of his answers are pretty extraordinary, our banter is hopeful, we discuss the ways wombats & kangaroos can increase our peace and that coffee addiction can have indirect, unseen benefits.

If you have any thoughts, feedback, recommendations, requests… shoot them to @TheSongNerd on the media of your choice! There are now 30 songs in the Ever-growing Playlist of Joy; take a listen below.

Andrew’s TEDx talk:

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